We offer a full service of restoration, refinishing, custom finishes, upholstery services...all with the utmost attention to detail, our client's vision, all with  impeccable customer service.

All of our services begin and end with you. 

Restoration and Repairs
A process that begins with an initial evaluation, discussing and outlining exactly what you, the customer, want to see improved and restored.  From there, we develop a quote specific to the known scope of work, materials, and an expected time frame from start to completion.  We've seen every scenario from damage caused by wear or neglect, to a loved furry family member using a leg of your grandmother's sideboard as his favorite chew toy and in most cases, we were able to restore it.   Unfortunately, there are times when pieces simply can not be restored and we work with you to discuss and find possible alternatives such as reinventing it.

Furniture Repairs

  • Broken legs, arms, seats, backs, etc.
  • Strengthen furniture & loose joints
  • Broken supports
  • Hand turning of wood spindles

Touch Up

  • In home or in our shop
  • scratches, gouges and dings
  • Gold and Silver leaf
  • Damaged top coats and surfaces
  • Moving damage
  • Water damage


Custom Finishes

We don’t just refinish furniture, although it is one of my favorites! 

Imagine an entire kitchen makeover where merely changing the finish on your cabinets takes it from so-so to so-fantastic!  Consider making your 1970’s paneling vanish without the hassle of ripping it down.  How about a entry way where builder grade is long gone and replaced with an Italian plaster or aged ship lap. (yes, we can install, finish, and age to create the timeless look of ship lap!)  Taking an inherited set of chairs or a wardrobe and updating into something truly timeless.  The possibilities are truly endless so browse our work and inventory and let us help you recreate or recreate a treasure.

  • Custom finishes:
    • Paint and stain
      • Furniture, Interior walls, cabinets
    • Plaster work
      • Interior walls
    • Picture framing installation
      • Interior walls & ceilings
    • Antiquing, crackle, and glazing techniques
      • Furniture, Interior walls, cabinets
    • Frottage/rubbing/liftaway
      • Interior walls
    • Stenciling
      • Furniture, interior walls



Upholstery Services

Upholstery, besides paint is one of the best ways to transform a piece.  Taking a worn or outdated pattern to a sumptuous velvet or a classic linen is one of the best ways to give new life to an otherwise great piece of furniture.

  • Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Headboards
  • Settees
  • Benches

We use only quality fabrics from makers like P.Kaufman, Waverly, Richloom, Covington, Roth and Tompkins to name a few and we carry everything from Velvet, Damask, Linen, Cotton and Cotton/Silk Blends.  We can even use your own fabric if you’ve found the perfect feel and look.


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